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Want to chat with Helena one-on-one? 

Maybe you’d like to share your favorite Lady D moments, or hear some words of encouragement or motivation, or simply talk about life. Helena will be all eyes and ears — just for you!

Even though she often gets cast as a femme fatale or a wicked vampire, in real life Helena Mankowska is a warm, positive, funny person, a good listener, and loves to connect with and inspire people.

Choose between 15 or 30 minutes, and we’ll send you an email to select the date and time of the chat after your purchase is completed. You can chat on Zoom or Discord.

(Or maybe you’d rather do a video call with Helena? In that case, click here to set up a call!)


Please note: It’s important to be available to begin the chat with Helena at your appointed time, and to check your internet or data connection before beginning. Time will not be extended due to technical difficulties on the part of the user.  No refunds are available in the even that that user is unable to chat at the agreed-upon date and time.

By purchasing this product, all users agree to abide by certain basic rules of conduct. While you’re free to talk about whatever is on your mind, Helen reserves the right to terminate any chat, call, or conversation that violates these rules. Any language that is suggestive, sexually explicit, sexist, racist or discriminatory in any way will result in the chat being terminated immediately, and the user blocked and reported. Any nudity, nude images, threats, references to violence, or to the commission of a crime will result in the same. Any bullying, harassment, insults, or requests for private information about Helena, including her home address, phone number, or other personal details, will likewise result in the same. In such cases, no refund will be offered to the user.

We’re pretty sure that won’t be necessary, because Helena’s fans are a pretty cool bunch of folks, but we’ve got to mention these things all the same.