Valentine’s Day Special Offer

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Hello, it’s Helena here. Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I have a gift for you… a special offer on my store! A 15-minute video chat with me usually costs 35 euros, but for the month of February, it’s only 20! A 30-minute video chat is usually 55 euros, but now it’s just 40.

And if video isn’t really your style, we can just chat back and forth. A 15-minute (text-only) chat, before 25 euros, is only 15 euros this month. A 30-minute chat, which normally costs 40, is now just 20. Either way, I’d love to connect with you. ❤️

My limited-edition tee-shirts are also on sale! Instead of 28 euros, they’re only 19. Why not pick one up for yourself and your sweetheart, too? Or grab a couple of signed photos by me as Lady D, there are 7 different options to choose from. Signed photos are normally 50 euros, but this month they’re only 35.

The discounts start today and last through February 28th. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Helena Mankowska